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Apple loses appeal and will have to pay $ 440 million to VirnetX

THE Apple and the security company VirnetX They are heading towards the ninth year of their (not fruitful) relationship in court. In part, the imbalance between the two companies continues due to the number of charges and lawsuits pending so much that a 2016 court decision, which Apple appealed, came out only this week.

More precisely, Ma lost an appeal that opened after a US court ruled in October 2016 that the company should pay $ 302.4 million VirnetX for patent infringement. At the time, that trial overturned another court decision, in which VirnetX could receive an even larger sum: $ 625.6 million.

Even with the slightly smaller fine, the Cupertino giant appealed; now the US Federal Court of Appeals has voted the appeal in favor of VirnetX and the original amount of the fine has risen to $ 439.7 million This is due to additional voluntary infringement as well as interest, attorney fees and other costs.

Please note that the patents used in this case were invalidated by the Patent and Trademark Office (Patent and Trademark Office), but VirnetX is still appealing this determination, as Reuters. Apple said in a statement that it was “disappointed with the decision” and that it also plans to appeal (again).

As we said, this patent war is already going on for a long nine years. In general, such inventions are related to VPN and FaceTime, which is possibly one of the reasons why this Ma service was never made available on other platforms.

via AppleInsider