Apple lists top reasons why apps are rejected in your store

Apple lists top reasons why apps are rejected in your store

In an unreasonable attitude, Apple has published on its website for developers a page with guidelines and reminders so that they have no problems approving their apps / games. However the coolest is at the bottom of it: a graph / ranking showing the main reasons for rejections.

Rejeies on the App Store

According to Apple, 58% of app rejections are for 10 most common reasons.

Just them:

14% More information needed.8% Rule 2.2: Apps that have bugs will be rejected.6% Did not meet the terms of the Development Program License Agreement.6% Rule 10.6: Apple and our customers put a high value on simple interfaces , refined, creative and well thought out. They do more work, but are worth it. Apple sets a high standard. If your user interface is complex or below very good, it may be rejected.5% Rule 3.3: Apps with names, descriptions or screenshots not relevant to the content of the app and its functionality will be rejected.5% Rule 22.2: Apps that contain false, fraudulent or misleading representations, or use names or cones similar to those of other apps will be rejected.4% Rule 3.4: App names on iTunes Connect and shown on a device must be similar, so as not to cause confusion.4% Rule 3.2: Apps with sample text will be rejected.3% Rule 3.8: Developers are responsible for assigning appropriate ratings to their apps. Inappropriate ratings may be modified / deleted by Apple.2% Rule 2.9: Apps that are in “beta”, “demo”, “trial” or “test” versions will be rejected.

If you are a developer, stay tuned to these tips to avoid problems and / or delays in launching your project.

The page “App Review” it also brings a lot of important information related to this process.

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