Apple leaks official photo of the “iPhone Xs”! [atualizado]

Apple leaks official photo of the "iPhone Xs"! [atualizado]

Apple today confirmed the holding of a special event on the day September 12th to present the world with its new line of smartphones and smartwatches. And, right after that, the company itself already preparing its website for the launch let out images of the new iPhones (which, due to rumors, should be called ?iPhone Xs?)!

Yes, my friends. It was not a leak from China, an employee of the production chain, a shipment of devices that fell into the wrong hands (hi, Pixel 3 XL) none of that. Apple herself found her tongue in her teeth!

The image, released by 9to5Mac, shows two identical devices (visually speaking) with different sizes, that is, we are talking about the successor of the iPhone X and its bigger brother, with 6.5 ? screen. Also note that, as rumors pointed out, we will have the golden color return to flagship But as we suspect to be a clue by the invitation of the event.

On 9/12, we will know the details of the devices but the look is already there. Who knew, huh Apple

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Update 08/30/2018 s 16:02

Incredibly, Ma also leaked an official image of the ?Apple Watch Series 4? check out this other post.