ACSI: brand ranking

Apple leads new satisfaction survey, but Samsung has the highest rated smartphones

Annually, the survey of the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) is disclosed with the brands / manufacturers and smartphones that most pleased consumers in the United States.

In 2019, Apple and Samsung tied for the best brands in the ACSI ranking; this year, however, the Cupertino giant won and stood alone at the top of the list with an overall assessment of 82 points (100 is the best), an increase of 1%.

ACSI: brand ranking

According to the survey, Apple’s best rating this year is related to the fact that iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max be more satisfied with battery life these devices than in previous generations.

However, when it comes to the satisfaction index based on the individual assessment of the different smartphone models, Samsung’s gadgets outperformed iPhones. In this sense, devices Galaxy Note 9 (85 points), S9 + and S10 (both with 84 points) were the ones that most pleased consumers this year.

ACSI: ranking of smartphone models

Among Apple smartphones, the iPhone XS Max was the best rated, with 84 points; the most recent models, on the other hand, obtained 82 points (11 and 11 Pro Max) and 81 points (11 Pro) – which may reflect the breach of consumer expectations, who were waiting for more news (mainly in the models flagships).

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the ranking is practically dominated by Apple and Samsung, with only two appearances by LG, showing that Chinese brands (like Xiaomi and Huawei) are still not among the most loved by Americans.

via MacRumors