Apple launches Watch App Store in some countries (updated 3x)

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Apple today, the eve of the launch of the Apple Watch, a special section of the App Store dedicated only to apps adapted for the Apple watch, directly accessible via the Watch app that everyone has had on their iPhone since iOS 8.2.

But not all countries can access this special part of the store, just accounts of places where the launch will take place tomorrow, such as the United States, France and Germany. Update: It was a matter of a few hours for the Brazilian store to become available as well, as our readers warned.

The special store features round icons for the apps, displaying both iPhone / iPad images and the clock.


A lot, lots of thing. There are more than 3,000 options available even before the watch hits the market and this is one of the main differences compared to competing watches that have been around since last year. Apple divided the store into sectors such as Travel, Work, Health, Communication, Casual games and many other categories to make choosing easier. It is exciting to see so much choice, as it is precisely the applications that will make the clock make sense.


It is worth remembering that these applications are not actually independent; they are iPhone apps, adapted for Watch. With that, it is already possible to download the apps through the normal App Store, that when you have Watch, they will be installed on the watch. In the normal App Store, it is already possible to know when an app is adapted, through a warning.


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