Apple launches version of Remote application especially for Apple TV

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Apple launched on Monday (1) a new application that allows you to control the Apple TV through an iPhone. Created to replace physical control if necessary, the Apple TV Remote works as a support and simulation tool for touch control for the fourth generation of the device.

Presented during the WWDC of that year and later released in beta, the Apple TV Remote finally arrives for all iPhone users. With support for Siri, users of compatible languages ​​can interact with the device using voice commands, such as asking the assistant to listen to a song or start a video (Siri in Portuguese is not yet available on Apple TV). Another interesting point is the simulation of the touch surface of the physical control, which allows you to slide your finger to navigate between system menus and installed applications.


The biggest highlight of this release is the full support for games. By installing the application and synchronizing it with a fourth generation Apple TV, the user will be able to control games that use the accelerometer and gyroscope using the iPhone, just as they already do in physical control.

If you have an old Apple TV you can also sync with the new Remote. It is possible to control everything in a much more practical and fluid way than the original control of these devices. Apple hasn’t optimized the app for iPad either, but you can use it with functionality restrictions and the annoying iPhone screen magnification. The old version of Remote is still available and is compatible with the iPad.

THE Apple TV Remote it’s free and requires iOS 9.3.2 higher. To download to your iPhone, click here. Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments.