Apple launches tool for developers to compile Metal games on Windows

Apple launches tool for developers to compile Metal games on Windows

With the transition from Macs to Apple Silicon, the issue of gaming on macOS it becomes even more uncertain: the Mac has long since eaten dust from PCs when it comes to library and title availability; with Apple’s future chips, it’s not hard to imagine an even bigger stampede from developers. Well… at least Apple is moving.

Over the weekend, the giant released the tool Metal Developer Tools for Windows, allowing developers to compile games developed on PCs with the Metal Shading Language (MSL).

In other words, Windows-based studios and developers will be able to reduce the burden of porting their games to macOS: with the tool, it is possible to compile shaders (the functions used to build the visual elements of the game) for Apple’s Metal API, directly on Windows.

In this way, one step in the process of bringing a particular game to the Mac is eliminated. This also makes it easier for the title to be taken to other Apple platforms, such as iOS / iPadOS and tvOS. The YouTuber Max Tech shared an interesting video on the subject:

Of course, none of this means that developers will be able to bring their games to macOS in one click – as explained above, the novelty eliminates just one step in the adaptation process. Still, the move shows that Apple is interested in keeping developers armed with tools, whatever platform they work on.

That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

tip from Thomas Schleyer