Apple Launches Study on Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

The investments of Apple Medical research and studies are in full swing. Yesterday we commented that Ma has donated 1,000 Apple Watches to a group of researchers who will study the possible causes for binge eating episodes.

Similarly, Ma recently launched a study program in partnership with the medical device company. Zimmer Biomet, which use the Apple watch it's the iPhone to monitor the recovery of patients who have had hip and knee replacement surgeries.

The studies will take place in three steps and Zimmer Biomet has projected that within two years about 10,000 people will be involved. The idea of ​​the simple study: From the mymobility app, Apple Watch serves as a bridge between doctors and patients as these seconds recover from hip or knee surgery.

Through the application, patients will also receive support and guidance from surgeons, who will use the data collected by the sensors of the gadgets to optimize service. That is, everything to make life easier for those who performed any of these surgeries and face difficulties to get around.

Mymobility app for iOS and Apple Watch

During the offering of these services, Zimmer Biomet will analyze the impact of iOS and watchOS applications on patient recovery and total post-operation costs. For now, the study is restricted to the United States, where more than 1 million people undergo hip and knee replacement surgeries.

According to Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, with the mymobility app and Apple Watch, patients will be able to participate in the recovery itself in ways that were previously not possible.

We are proud to allow knee and hip replacement patients to use their own data and share them with their doctors smoothly so that they can participate in their care and recovery in ways not previously possible through traditional visits. This solution connects consumers with their doctors continuously, before and after surgery.

Dozens of institutions are participating in the Apple and Zimmer Biomet clinical study, including academic centers, hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. Check out all the study features here.

via TechCrunch