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Apple launches service for merchants to register within their maps

In order to improve its map service, Apple launched this week the Maps Connect.

Maps Connect

According to Search Engine Land, the portal is nothing more than a place where business owners or their representatives can, through an Apple ID, add their business to Apple maps in a simple way, including location of the business, categories in which the business best fits , operating times, links to social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Yelp) and more.

Even though it did not explain how it all works, the story says that Apple has implemented anti-fraud measures to prevent wrong information from being sent to its servers. According to the vehicle, this information sent to Apple usually appears in the Maps app (both iOS and OS X) in about a week.

Apple is also offering subscriptions for iBeacon (internal mapping solution) installations through the portal. However, as this is not simple and Apple claims to be receiving a lot of orders, at the beginning Ma is focusing on businesses that receive more than 1 million visitors a year, which are accessible to anyone, who have Wi-Fi connection, among other things.

For now, the novelty for merchants, which is free, is only available in the United States. But according to Apple everything will be expanded soon to other countries.

(via AppleInsider)