Apple Launches New Symbols Library for Serif New York Fonts and Apps

New system synonymous with new features, features and of course, revamped look. With that in mind, Apple has significantly updated its design tools in the iOS 13 for developers and designers to create “consistent, usable and visually pleasing applications”. One of the biggest news in this regard is a new symbol library called SF Symbols.

SF Symbols app icon

Properly packaged in an app called SF Symbols, this library is pretty much a paragon of Apple's vector symbols, featuring more than 1,000 highly configurable items that are designed to integrate San Francisco's official iOS source. These symbols can be used in apps for iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13.

All symbols have nine variations ranging from lighter to darker tones, allowing developers to accurately match the varying tones between symbols and adjacent text.

Each symbol is also available in three scales: small, medium and large. Scales are defined relative to the source limit of the San Francisco system. By specifying a scale, you can adjust the emphasis of a symbol against text.

Apple Symbol ScaleApple Symbol Scale

You can use SF Symbols to represent tasks and content in a variety of locations, such as navigation bars, toolbars, guide bars, menus, and shortcuts on the home screen. For the rest of your application, you can use a symbol anywhere you can use an image.

Apple also said developers could create a new symbol if SF Symbols doesn't have a specific model. To do so, simply export a symbol that is similar to the desired design and modify it using a vector editing tool such as the Adobe Illustrator Draw app, inserting the new icon just as you would with the original template.

New Source New York

Apple has also introduced a new serif font for its systems called new York It is a WWDC19 session that will take place on June 6 to delve into the specifics of what's new in Ma's sources.

Other news about Apple fonts: Apple's new series of serifs, New York, is now available. It has 6 variations (Regular to full black), 4 optical sizes (small, medium, large, extra large) and corresponding in italics.

It is worth noting, however, that Apple's terms of use indicate that the new font can only be used to “create user interface models” for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Ma j herself used the new font in the app Books (Books), as designer Sean Hurley pointed out.

They used it in the Books app.

For those interested, all Ma fonts can be downloaded here.

via 9to5Mac, DesignTAXI