What's new in Apple's coding education

Apple launches new programming materials for teachers and students

Apple today announced news related to teaching programming, whether for teachers, parents or pupils (from elementary school to college).

In addition to significant improvements in curricula Develop in Swift (Develop in Swift) and Everyone can program (Everyone Can Code), the company started a new professional learning course (from the Develop in Swift grid), available to educators free of charge.

For educators

The course was developed to complement the need for Computer Science educators in the United States and to help instructors at all levels to develop basic knowledge in order to teach app development using the Swift language.

In addition, due to the new Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Apple has added resources for educators and parents to have the necessary tools to help students learn and grow, wherever they are.

Apple has worked alongside educators for 40 years, and we are especially proud to see how the Develop in Swift it’s the Everyone can program were instrumental in helping teachers and students make an impact in their communities. We saw students from community colleges create apps to secure food for the campus and we watched high school educators host virtual programming clubs for their summer vacation. As part of our commitment to help expand access to Computer Science education, we are excited to add a new professional learning course to help more educators, regardless of experience, have the opportunity to learn programming and teach the next generation of developers and designers.

–Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president for markets, apps and services

The Computer Science Teachers Association said that less than 50% of all American high schools offer Computer Science classes, and many college students are unable to attend the courses needed to graduate – partly due to the continuing shortage of available educators. .

With that in mind, Apple will begin offering a new free online professional learning course for educators. Taught by Apple experts, the course will help instructors at all skill levels to acquire the skills needed to teach Swift and Xcode, making it an ideal introductory course for teaching the curriculum Develop in Swift.

What's new in Apple's coding education

Interested educators can register today to participate in the course, which will be available from July 13th.

For parents

To help parents and children who are learning to program at home, Apple is launching a new guide called “A Quick Start to Code” [PDF], Immediately Available.

It features 10 programming challenges designed for students aged 10 and over, on iPad or Mac. Additional resources are available on the new website “Learning from Home”, where educators and parents can access on-demand videos and virtual conferences on remote learning, in addition to scheduling free virtual training sessions – all organized by educators in Apple.

New videos are being added all the time as part of Apple Education Learning Series – including videos about using Apple’s touted accessibility features.

For students

Speaking specifically of student news, Apple is improving its programming curricula Develop in Swift and Everyone can program.

THE Develop in Swift is aimed at high school and college students, and teaches Swift, Apple’s open source programming language, and Xcode on the Mac – for both new and experienced programmers.