Apple launches new page to help authors who want to publish on their book platform

Página Apple Books for Authors

For many years now, the Apple Books (formerly known as iBooks) is a platform for selling and distributing books that allows you to self-publishing – that is, you can take your masterpiece stored in a folder on your computer, make some adjustments with iBooks Author and put it in the Apple store yourself, without the help of a publisher or something like that.

The whole process of formatting and publishing your book on your own is already relatively simple, but yesterday Apple put up a new webpage designed to make everything even easier. Call “Apple Books for Authors”, she brings a series of tips at all points of the writing process, adjustments and publication of her work – and goes beyond that, too.

Apple Books for Authors page

As the company states at the top of the site:

Stories are important. Apple Books for Authors helps you count yours.

Apple Books for Authors guides you through all the steps of the author’s journey, from structuring your story to packing it into a digital book and selling it in our store. Even well-known authors will find valuable tips on how to increase sales and measure performance.

For now the page is only available in English, but your tips can be accessed by everyone (with a little help from Google Translate, if necessary). There are six categories covering the writing of the story, the preparation of the book, the publication, audiobooks, promotion of the title in the store and the monitoring of sales.

Each category has its own topics, with the right to text and videos – and even the participation of important names in the area in question, such as the authors Dani Shapiro and Maggie Tokuda-Hall. We also have links to applications and platforms that can help the writer in the process, such as Pages, Word, Scrivener and Notes – in addition to iBooks Author itself, of course.

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Excellent initiative, Apple! And, for the writers on duty: keep writing! ?

via 9to5Mac