Apple launches new online retail hub [atualizado: Brasil]

Today, in the United States, Apple debuted a new page on its website – at – that works as a kind of Online retail hub.

The idea here is to offer consumers a virtual experience similar to what they are used to when visiting the company’s physical stores – which, as we know, remain mostly closed worldwide, due to the new Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 ).

Quite simply, consumers can get help from a specialist, buy products with contactless delivery, check out financing / credit options, exchange old devices for new ones, get technical support, watch videos with tips / tutorials and more.

Most likely, considering the current situation, Apple will take this “hub” to localized versions of its website worldwide – including the Brazilian and Portuguese, of course.

At its last financial results conference, Apple revealed that it continues to normally pay all retail employees, regardless of the operation of its stores.

Update, for Eduardo Marques 06/06/2020 at 20:20


Apple’s new retail page is now properly located – both in Brazil and Portugal.