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Apple launches new iCloud storage plan with 2TB of space (for $ 20 monthly)

Quietly, Apple today launched a new storage plan option in the iCloud, company cloud service.

Before limited to 1TB for US $ 10 monthly, now users can have up to 2TB of space in the cloud paying $ 20 per month. In addition to these options, we have 50GB (US $ 1 / ms) and 200GB (US $ 3 / ms).

Devices using iCloud

The change occurs a few days before the announcement of the iPhone 7 and indicates that the company does not plan to increase the free space (currently at 5GB) or even lower the prices of the other plans (after all, I imagine that it would do all this at once) which a penalty, taking into account the values ​​practiced by the competition.

Currently, one of the features that most uses space in the cloud (when activated, obviously) is the iCloud Photo Library. With it, users can store all the photos from their personal libraries on Ma's servers, all properly synchronized between the various devices (Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods touch). Soon, on macOS Sierra, we will also be able to synchronize all Mesa files (Desktop) and the Documents folder (Documents) by iCloud, which will undoubtedly increase usage and demand for more space.

Complementing the aforementioned features, the possibility of seeing a 256GB iPhone being launched without mentioning that there are already iPads with this capacity makes it practically necessary the arrival of this new 2TB plan for users with these top-of-the-line devices.

In order to reflect the changes of today, the American page that informs the values ​​of the plans has already been updated but the Brazilian one has not yet.

(via AppleInsider)