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Apple Launches New iCloud App for Windows 10 Available from Microsoft Store

Apple has long been a customer of the iCloud for Windows, so that Apple's cloud service users can access their files, photos, and other elements on PCs as well. Today, however, the Cupertino giant has renewed the utility with a number of under-the-scenes enhancements, especially that will make the experience of Windows service usage is closer to what we have in Apple applications.

iCloud for Windows

For starters, the new iCloud for Windows based on the same technology that Microsoft uses to sync files from OneDrive and enable the on-demand file tool ie the foundation here native and promises to bring less connection errors as well as faster speed. faster and more reliable synchronization of your iCloud files with your PC.

In addition, from now on the app will be offered on Microsoft Store, which means that users of Windows 10 S (the version of the system that only runs store applications) will be able to enjoy the benefits of iCloud on their computers as well.

What's more, iCloud for Windows remains the same as always: you can access iCloud Drive files in a special File Explorer folder without taking up computer space, choosing which files to keep locally, viewing photos, email, contacts, calendars, and tasks, sync Safari bookmarks with Edge and share / collaborate on files right from your PC.

The utility can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store.

via MacRumors