Apple launches new colors for Watch straps and cases for iPhones 11 Pro

Apple launches new colors for Watch straps and cases for iPhones 11 Pro

In addition to the launch of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro today, Apple has quietly launched new Apple Watch bracelet colors and cases for iPhones.

Talking about the Apple Watch, there are three new colors of sports bands and one in the sports loop style. In the case of sports, we now have the color options pomegranate, beryl blue and khaki. They join the other colors launched with the Apple Watch Series 5 in September.

In the case of sports loops, we now have an option (PRODUCT) RED which, like the newer models of the bracelet, combines two shades of colors. Thus, we have traditional red and a shade pulled to pink with touches of black. Both styles of bracelets cost R $ 400 in Brazil.

In the line of bracelets in partnership with the French brand Hermes, we now have a new bracelet color in the style Single Tour and Double Tour: Noir / Brique / Étain, which combines shades of gray, black and a wine red. This, however, is not being sold in Brazil – since the Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès didn’t even land here this year. In the US, they range from $ 340 to $ 490.

When it comes to protection options for iPhones 11, here are two of the three colors available on the Apple Watch: pomegranate and beryl blue. Both 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cases cost the same amount in the country: R $ 350.

The new colors, therefore, do not include the entry model, the iPhone 11, which continues to have a silicone case only in black or white.

Returning to the new MacBook Pro, Apple launched its traditional leather case to transport the computer. It arrives in brown, midnight blue and black, for a trifle of R $ 1,350.