Apple launches new 3D creation app for macOS

Apple launches new 3D creation app for macOS

This week Apple released the first (beta) version of the app Reality Converter for macOS. Designed to work in conjunction with Reality Composer, which is the tool for creating AR content, the software allows developers convert, view and customize 3D objects.

Reality Converter (as well as Composer) was introduced with the framework RealityKit during WWDC last year and, according to Apple, the objective of this tool is to facilitate the integration of 3D content for apps.

More precisely, Reality Converter is compatible with common 3D formats such as OBJ, GLTF and USD, however the productions are converted to USDZ, a format which can be edited and customized. In addition, the app supports adding textures and changing metadata, as well as viewing 3D prototypes under a variety of lighting conditions and environments.

Apple’s new software is similar to Adobe Aero, which can combine 3D models and 2D images to create “augmented reality experiences”, however it was made for the “ordinary user” – unlike Reality Converter, which is for developers.

The first beta version of Reality Converter is now available for download; it is worth remembering, however, that it is necessary to have an Apple developer account to download it.

via 9to5Mac