Apple Launches MobileMe iDisk App, But There Are Free Alternatives

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iDisk appSince June, at WWDC 2009, Apple has promised to launch an application dedicated to the service iDisk MobileMe, but the iPhone OS 3.0 came and nothing of the utility to see the daylight. Yesterday, more than a month late, he was released and is now available for free at App Store (link).

Despite being good news, it does not bring great differences to the existing solutions.

First disappointment: unlike other Apple apps like Remote and Keynote, there is no Portuguese translation.


The application gives access to the folders of the iDisk, which is the paid service virtual disk MobileMe.

IDisk folders

This allows you to always have all your documents at hand, which can be accessed over the internet at any time. The application opens all types of files compatible with the system, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, TXT, Videos, MP3 and other documents.

File Reads Power Point and Numbers

It works both vertically and horizontally and allows zooming with traditional pinching.

Word file Zoom files

MobileMe charges a subscription for $ 99 per year and provides, in addition to the virtual disk, email management, calendar and synchronization “over the air”Between your iPhone, iPod touch, PC or Mac. You can sign up for free and use the service for two months, but a (international) credit card number is required, even if nothing is charged.

But if you just need an online document access solution, there are other free alternatives. The best of them we have already shown here: Dropbox.

Dropbox on iPhone

It does the same thing as iDisk, with the advantage of having a system that integrates with the computer’s operating system (Windows and Mac) much better than MobileMe.

Today it is only accessed via webapp (Safari), but its creators have already warned that a dedicated application is about to come out.

It’s really worth it. If you still don’t know the service, take a look at our previous article.