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Apple launches MacBook Pro update for prices starting at R $ 13.2 thousand

Main change of the new MacBook is the new Magic keyboard

Main change of the new MacBook is the new Magic keyboard

THE Apple released on Monday, 4, an updated version of its 13-inch MacBook Pro, with Magic keyboard and twice as much storage. It is still not possible to buy a copy on the official website of the brand in Brazil, but, with the published prices, the device here does not come out for less than R $ 13.2 thousand. The device is already on sale in the United States.

The update incorporates elements already released in the larger version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, such as the Magic keyboard, which contains 1mm of key travel and a sense of stability. In addition, the device also features Touch Bar and Touch ID, which improve the performance and functionality of the keyboard.

That means the end of the Butterfly keyboard, also in the 13-inch version. The previous keyboard was widely criticized by users, for problems related to typing including characters that repeat themselves unexpectedly, keys that do not appear or that appear sticky and do not respond consistently.

In terms of performance, the MacBook Pro offers 10-generation four-core Intel Core processors with Turbo Boost speeds of up to 3.9GHz. According to Apple, anyone upgrading from a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a dual-core processor will perform up to 2.8 times faster.

Storage starts with twice the previous generation, with a solid state drive (SSD) ranging from 256GB to 1TB and options and 8GB or 16GB of memory. As with the last MacBook Pro released, the new device continues to use the Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C connectors in addition to a headphone jack.

With no forecast for launch in Brazil, the site already announces the prices for which it will be possible to purchase the new version of the MacBook Pro. For the simplest version, with 1.4 GHz and 256GB storage, the device costs R $ 13.2 thousand. J for those who want a little more storage, the model with 512GB costs R $ 15.2 thousand. The most expensive version, with 2.0 GHz and 1TB, costs R $ 22,500, according to the Apple website.