Apple launches its first Android app on Google Play

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As previously announced, Apple yesterday released an application dedicated to helping Android users who buy an iPhone, transfer their data to it.

The application itself is very basic and only has the function of transferring data and nothing else. Apple explains how the whole process works in the app’s in-store description:

Everything on iOS is designed to be easy. This includes switching to it. In just a few steps, you can migrate your content automatically and securely from your Android device with the Move to iOS app. You don’t have to record your stuff anywhere before switching from Android. The application securely transfers all types of content for you:

– Contacts– SMS history– Photos and videos taken with the camera– Web favorites– Email accounts– Calendars

When you decide to migrate your data, your new iPhone or iPad will create a private Wi-Fi network and find some nearby Android device running Move to iOS. After you enter your security code, it will begin to transfer your content and place it in the right places. That simple. When all the data has been transferred, you are ready. IOS will also set your default email account. That’s it – you can now start using your new iPhone or iPad and take advantage of its endless possibilities. Enjoy.

MigrarparaiOS Migrate to iOS

But it is clear that haters (not every Android user is hater, but a minority are not satisfied with not having an iPhone) are taking the opportunity to misclassify the application, even if they have not used it in practice. It is serving as an outlet for the frustrated.

Move to iOS

THE Move to iOS is compatible with all devices running at least Android 4.0 and can be downloaded from this link.