Apple launches iBooks 3 app update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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As expected (read “Apple misses track of a likely iBooks 3.0“), Apple yesterday updated the application iBooks, with some news for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Among them, integration with iCloud and continuous pages in books.

Check out the news in detail:

1. iCloud

As with the songs (iTunes Match) and the applications, it is now possible to also see the list of the books you have already purchased and download them on the spot. A special bookshelf shows all the books already purchased, signaling with the cloud symbol when they are not present on the device. To download them, just touch them and be connected to the internet.

The cool thing is that they are downloaded and open exactly on the page you stopped at the last reading, with all the markings made before.

2. Continuous pages in books

One thing that always attracted me to iBooks was the format of pages in a book, allowing you to turn them with your finger. But this only happens with titles in ePub and not in PDF documents, which have continuous screens (one page below the other).

If you prefer to read continuously in ePub books, you can now do so with the new theme To roll, which allows you to change the page vertically by sliding your finger upwards.

Apple probably did this because of the iPad mini, to make it easy to switch pages by holding the tablet in one hand.

3. Automatic updates of purchased books

If you have purchased a book and the author, for some reason, has launched a new edition with corrections, more chapters or content, your copy will automatically update on the device. Very good. ?

4. Sharing comments on Facebook or Twitter

It is now possible to share comments on the books you are reading on social networks, right on iBooks.

THE iBooks is a free application and can be downloaded directly from the App Store (link).