Apple launches iAds gallery in iPhone app form

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The platform iAd it is an attempt by Apple to revolutionize mobile advertising, a revolution that almost a year later has not yet arrived. To do advertising advertisement, Apple decided to create an application that brings them all together, to see if this encourages large companies to bet on the format.

THE iAd Gallery (link available only in the American store) is a large repertoire of cases of companies that invested in the platform, with all the interactive advertisements already carried out. An app clearly aimed more at advertisers than the general public (unless curious people who want to check out the advertising it promises “The emotion of TV, the interactivity of digital and the power of mobility”).

If you’ve always wanted to know the iAd advertisements that don’t work in Brazil, this is your great opportunity. The application is free, but some are already suggesting a version with in-app purchases that makes it possible to pay to take … advertisements. ?