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Apple Launches First App and Design Accelerator in China

It's been a long time since the opening of the last Apple Accelerator In early 2017, India, the Cupertino giant recently announced the opening of a new facility this time in Shanghai, in China. The newly opened Accelerator is the first in the Chinese city, as well as across the country.

Located in Pudong District, the facility provides Chinese developers with an opportunity to work with Apple experts to improve their app programming and design skills, and learn how to get the most out of the latest Apple software and hardware and gain tips on how to distribute apps.

Apple Accelerator Developers in China

Apple's Greater China Relations Director Enwei Xie said Chinese developers are leading the world with some of the App Store's most popular apps:

We are proud to provide this additional support for them. From health education to entertainment, the innovation we see here is incredible and we can't wait to see what these talented developers will create next.

Among the first activities performed on the new Accelerator, the Apple team focused on deploying augmented reality technologies, based on a study of ARKit 3, AR Quick Look, Reality Composer, and RealityKit updates. According to Ma, activities include lectures, workshops, labs and other training.

Apple Accelerator Augmented Reality Frameworks Class

Greater China has more than 2.5 million app developers, and since 2010 these app developers have already racked up over 200 billion (~ $ 110 billion) through App Store sales, with over 30% of that raised in the App Store alone. last year.

As for Accelerator itself, the Shanghai facility follows a similar scheme to that in India. To participate in the developed programs 1, participants must be registered with the Apple Developer Program and have a local Apple ID.