Apple Launches Battery Replacement Program for 13-inch MacBooks Pro without Touch Bar

Ah, the fate of batteries that stew

A few days after we covered a new internal policy focused on Apple Watches, the company today launched a Replacement Program (which as Apple calls its recalls) official and public for 13-inch MacBooks Pro without Touch Bar.

The worldwide program and, according to Apple, refers to a particular component of the notebook that makes its internal battery expand. Affected units were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017, and Apple will replace the batteries, of course, for free (consumers who have already paid for it will be reimbursed).

"This is not a security problem," says the company.

Users who have a 13 ″ MBP without a Touch Bar should check whether or not they are eligible for the program by entering the Mac serial number on this page. It does not extend the original warranty of the machine, but it serves any affected model as long as it is within five years of its original purchase date.

Battery replacement can be done at the Apple Store or the nearest Apple Authorized Service Center.