Apple launches App Store Connect, replacing iTunes Connect

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the most significant event of the year for Apple, so it always takes the opportunity to change some things here and there, even if they are not part of the big announcements made during the opening keynote.

In this wave of redesigns, Ma launched the new application yesterday to developers App Store Connect for iOS, replacing the old iTunes Connect (which was not even adapted for the iPhone X screen).

App Store Connect app icon

The App Store Connect for iOS helps developers manage their apps that are available on the App Store. Developers can use the App Store Connect to monitor their latest trends, receive notifications of user comments and respond immediately to comments from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers.

Although the iTunes Connect app is still on the App Store (at least for now), several areas of the official website have already been modified to load the new name, and a new dedicated page has been made available.

As the description explains, both from this page and from the app, developers will be able to access data related to their apps available in the store, being able to follow the statistics, respond to reviews and everything else that was already possible on the website and in the previous app.

On the website, Apple says that new features will be enabled over time, such as the ability to “invite anyone to test your beta application on TestFlight from a link, use a new rest API to automate tasks, take advantage of simplified access to team and more ”.

It is worth noting that Apple has also updated the App Store Review Guidelines with significant changes.

tip from Rafael Ramos