Apple Launches App Store App to Sync Photos to MobileMe

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It’s not very common for Apple to launch its own apps on the App Store, so when it happens, it’s news. Today she released a utility for viewing photos, videos and albums from MobileMe, for those associated with the service.

THE MobileMe Gallery (link) is a great tool to always have access to your photos online. That’s because the application transfers images locally, allowing them to be viewed even when you don’t have access to the internet. This is a real hand on the wheel, synchronizing on the air your photos with the device. It’s a shame that iTunes no longer has this feature natively …

You can do everything you would do in the native Photos app, like copying, zooming, viewing in landscape mode and also sending her link by email.

There is also the possibility to configure Safari on the device, so that all links from the MobileMe Gallery are opened directly in the application.

I really liked the upper window in the main menu, where you can scroll horizontally through the images.

Like the website, the application is not translated into Portuguese. But it is completely free. ?

THE MobileMe is a paid service from Apple, for syncing photos, calendars, contacts, emails, files and more. It is possible to register for free for 60 days using an international credit card. More details on the official page.