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Apple launches an even bigger (L / XL) version of its Watch straps, for wrists up to 245mm

Apparently Apple has been receiving some complaints from people with very large wrists. Why am I saying this? Well, today the company started selling two accessories for the Watch which can be used by people with wrists up to 245mm!

Apple Watch Sports Band

The first one is the L / XL sports bracelet (for wrists ranging from 195mm to 245mm); this larger size, however, is only available in black or white and costs the same $ 49 as the others.

Apple Watch Band Strap Kit

If you have a 42mm Link Bracelet, you can now buy a kit (US $ 49) that has six additional pieces, making the bracelet suitable for people with wrists between 205mm and 245mm.

No special tool is needed to remove / place these extra parts on the bracelet as they have a mechanism very similar to what the Watch itself has to exchange bracelets. In the case of Link Bracelet, instead of squeezing a button and sliding it to the side, you squeeze a button and fit the link over it.

See the list of bracelets and sizes currently available:

Apple Watch strap sizes

It is worth noting that those who need these larger bracelets have to purchase everything separately. It is not possible to buy a watch with an L / XL sports band or the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Modern Clasp Strap

On a related note, the modern buckle bracelets (Modern Buckle) are now available for purchase individually ($ 249) before, it was only possible to purchase one of these by buying the watch. All of this, of course, in countries where the Apple Watch is already being marketed.

(via 9to5Mac, MacRumors)