Apple Launches $ 100 Million Anti-Racism Initiative

Apple Launches $ 100 Million Anti-Racism Initiative

If you haven’t been hibernating in the past few days, you’ve seen protests against racism (#BlackLivesMatter) spread to several countries after the sad unacceptable episode involving a police officer who killed George Floyd after asphyxiating him for more than 8 minutes.

Several companies spoke out against racism, as expected. But Apple’s struggle was not just about speech.

Tim Cook went to Twitter today to talk about the company’s next steps in relation to the ongoing work involving its fight against racism.

The unfinished work involving the equity and racial justice initiative needs the participation of all of us. Things must change, and Apple is committed to being a force for change. Today, I am proud to announce the Apple Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, with a $ 100 million commitment.

In the video, the CEO of Maçã goes into more detail, telling us a little about how the fight for racial justice is a moment that involves us all. He also announced the Apple Equity and Racial Justice Initiative, with an investment of US $ 100 million, which will start in the United States but will expand to other countries later.

The idea of ​​the initiative is to challenge the systematic barriers to opportunities and dignity that exist mainly for blacks, with a special focus on issues such as education, economic equality and criminal justice reform, and much of this will be based on working with historically black educational institutions , community colleges, underprivileged students and teachers, as well as establishing new partnerships with organizations such as the Equal Justice Initiative.

The struggle for equality and justice in my community has boosted my career as an environmentalist. I will continue to work leading the Apple Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. #BlackLivesMatter

Apple’s initiative will be led by Lisa Jackson (vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives) who, according to Cook, already did a great job in this area within the company itself.

Still within these initiatives, Apple will create an entrepreneurial campus for black developers, with the purpose of fostering and bringing to life the most interesting ideas that arise among developers. In the supply chain, Apple is also committed to increasing its investments with black people companies and increasing representation in the companies with which it does business.

This is a comprehensive effort, governed by three principles: representation, inclusion and responsibility. I think that the responsibility deserves special attention. Whether at Apple or elsewhere in society, the burden of change should not fall on those who are underrepresented. It is more up to the people who occupy positions of power, leadership and influence to change structures for the greater good.

Our commitment is to face this challenge. Listen, learn and act in collaboration. Apple has never shied away from difficult conversations on difficult topics. In fact, they are the only way to progress and that is still true today. We will do our part and I want to thank everyone who is making the necessary changes in their communities. Thank you.

Beautiful initiative! ??