macOS on a 12-inch MacBook

Apple kills 12 ″ MacBook, MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and old MacBook Air model

As we reported, Apple today launched new models of MacBooks Air and MacBooks Pro 13 inches. And, with their arrival, the company took the opportunity to reorganize its line of notebooks, basically killing three machines.

Check below which ones are no longer with us!

12-inch MacBook

macOS on a 12-inch MacBook

The 12-inch MacBook, launched in March 2015, has survived for just over four years. At the time, it basically came to replace the MacBook Air. But since the laptop was relaunched by Apple in 2018 (with a Retina display and Touch ID), the 12 ″ MacBook just didn’t make much sense on the line anymore – and the proof of that is your death today.

Old 13-inch MacBook Air

MacBook Air from the front

When Apple launched the new 13-inch MacBook Air last year, Apple still kept the old one (without Retina display and Touch ID) for sale – most likely because of the new, more expensive price.

Now, with the reduction in the input value of the MacBook Air, it no longer makes sense to keep such an old machine available. So this was another notebook that died today.

Box-facing MacBook Air 2018

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MacBook Air

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Cash price: from R $ 8,729.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 808,25Launch: 2019

13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar

New complete line of MacBooks Pro

The pricing logic also made Apple maintain a 13-inch MacBook Pro model with all the features launched in 2016 (new chassis, Thunderbolt 3 ports, etc.). One of the great news, the Touch Bar, was not implemented in all models.

The logic here is the same as that of the MacBook Air: most likely to maintain a more affordable notebook model, Apple left the Touch Bar out of a 13-inch MacBook Pro model, “cheapening” the construction of the machine and selling it at a lower price than the models with the touch-sensitive bar.

Today, after three years, the company has finally managed to put the Touch Bar in this model, maintaining its price. That is: whoever wants to buy a MacBook Pro today will take it with the Touch Bar.


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MacBook Pro

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Cash price: from R $ 10,799.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 999,92Launch: 2019

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With this reorganization, the line is much simpler and more cohesive: we now have only two notebook models, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro – the names themselves already give a north to anyone looking to purchase a new computer.

In addition, we no longer have any notebook without Retina display and they all also have Touch ID. It took, Apple!