Apple kicks off with home iPhone repairs in some US cities

Apple kicks off with home iPhone repairs in some US cities

For users who do not have the opportunity to take their Apple devices to their stores or any authorized repair company, there is a new home service in the United States. For now, according to MacRummors, there are six cities where the repair service is being tested in customers' homes: So Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston and Dallas, supported by authorized companies such as Go Tech Services, specialist in quick and convenient repairs of mobile equipment, he says on his website. But there are other specialists scattered around the cities, such as Apple Union Square and Mobile Kangaroo, listing their availability in the markings system.

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However, companies do not receive requests for repair directly. Users should use Apple's online technical support center and request home repair service, considering that the address belonged to one of the supported cities. The Apple website now has a new option for repair marking, directing users to their cities and repairers.

Due to the newness of the service, it is still unclear whether there are any fees associated with home repairs. Or if different companies, with the exception of Go Tech, can eventually carry out domestic repairs without the involvement of Apple. The publication also suggests that a company may not repair any type of damage. It is said that Go Tech makes it possible to choose a broken iPhone screen, but not a battery change.

It remains to be expected that the service will be expanded to other regions of the United States and, of course, Europe.