Apple keeps iPhones prices equal in Brazil and Watches prices rise [atualizado: AirPods também]

With the launch of the new models of iPhones and Apple Watches, the Apple line has changed. Gone are the iPhones X, 6s and SE, in addition to the Apple Watches Series 1 and Edition. And, with the new grid, the iPhones 7 and 8, as well as the Apple Watch Series 3, became the “entry models” consequently, their prices were changed to reflect this. Or the calm that I explain!

In the United States, the prices of the iPhones 7/7 Plus and 8/8 Plus were $ 100 due to the arrival of the iPhones Xs, Xs Max and Xr. Here, however, this change did not happen, most likely due to the recent rise in the dollar. So, in the case of iPhones, everything remained as it was.

Check the table below:


iPhones 8 Plus and 7

For the Apple Watch Series 3, the story was a little different. While there in the USA the clock fell in price due to the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 4, here the values ​​have also risen due to the rise in the dollar, since they traditionally fall when new models are presented.

It is worth noting that the stainless steel models of the Series 3, as well as the ceramic (Apple Watch Edition), were discontinued with the Series 1.

Let's go to the values:

Apple Watch Series 3 (aluminum models)

Apple Watch Series 3

As we can see, the Apple Watch Series 3 fell US $ 50 (GPS model) and US $ 30 (GPS + Cellular), which in Brazil represented an increase between R $ 250 and R $ 700. 😳

Update 09/12/2018 s 18:05

A well-desired accessory that also had its price readjusted as the reader warned us Rafa upwards were the AirPods, which went from R $ 1,399 to R $ 1,499.

, it is not easy