Apple keeps falling and earns a bitter 84th place on the list of best places to work

The end of the year is between us and, with it, all the old figurines stamped like Santa Claus, Roberto Carlos, the Google retrospective video and, of course, the ranking of Glassdoor with the 100 best places to work in the United States. The job site makes the list annually based on the evaluations of the employees of the companies in question and, following a trend of some years, a certain company in Cupertino has been getting worse in this internal evaluation.

Apple has now conquered a dishonorable 84 place by far its worst position since the first edition of the ranking, in 2009. In fact, since 2012, when the company achieved its best position (10th place), the trend has been the fall, with the exception of 2015. From then on c, Ma was respectively 34, 35, 22, 25 and 36 now, among the 20 worst.

O Facebook, after losing the top of the list last year, he returned to the summit this year for the fifth time that Mark Zuckerberg's giant has won the title. Other technology companies on the list include the Google (5 place), the Salesforce (15), the Nvidia (24), the Adobe (31), the Microsoft (39), the Electronic Arts (56), the Yahoo (65) and the Cisco (89).

Of course, of course: being among the 100 best companies to work for in the USA is already a feat in itself, but it is necessary to stop to analyze the reasons for this fall after all, it is good to keep in mind that the evaluation carried out by the employees themselves, and dissatisfaction the revenue for the downfall of any company. Obviously Apple is not going to go bankrupt for this, but is it good to start investigating the causes now instead of waiting for the problem to escalate, anyway?

via Apple World Today