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Apple jumps from fourth to second position in RESCUECOM’s reliability survey

The firm RESCUECOM today published its traditional computer manufacturer reliability survey, which takes into account the market share of companies in the United States and the percentage of support calls related to them – registered by calling 1-800-RESCUE-PC.

RESCUECOM Ranking - Q1 2013

Throughout 2012, Apple remained fourth in the survey [1, 2 e 3]. However, in this first quarter of 2013 Apple took a nice leap, jumping to the second position. Samsung, which in 2012 came to occupy the first position, returned to the top, leaving the third and fourth places for Lenovo / IBM and ASUS, respectively.

One of the major factors responsible for the change in the ranking was a change in the research methodology, which now takes into account not only computers but also tablets.

[via Electronista]