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Apple joins the alliance of tech giants that want to reduce passwords on authentications

Reduce the need for internet users to have passwords: this is the objective of the FIDO Alliance, which now has a new board member. Apple was added this Tuesday to the association's official website and identified as a board member, which could mean changes in a short form of authentication of users in equipment and services.

It was last week that the apple company signed the protocol, but apparently it still wouldn't be ready to announce it, after tweets from a FIDO Alliance conference were eliminated. At the time, the French website MacGpublished the photograph, which pointed to Apple as a new board member.

Now official and the company founded by Steve Jobs joins other technological giants. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel and Samsung are some of them, in an association that also counts with reputable financial companies such as Mastercard.

Founded in 2012 by PayPal, Lenovo, Nok Nok Labs, Validity Sensors, Infineon and Agnitio, the association aims to create open solutions with standards "safer than passwords and easier to implement and manage by service providers", you can read up on the official website.

To combat problems such as forgetting or reusing passwords, the association's proposals are several: Through FIDO's services, users can use facial recognition, fingerprints, voice or a security key to log in to multiple accounts, that is, through equipment.