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Apple joins initiative to facilitate online data migration

Apple has just officially joined the Data Transfer Project (Data Transfer Project) is an initiative launched in 2018 to develop a common online data migration platform to enable users to easily move / transfer their information between service providers. The information is from The verge.

In addition to Ma, other technology and web giants also participate in the project, including the Facebook, O Google, a Microsoft it's the Twitter.

DTP is working to create an open source platform that can connect two or more online services and allow users to transfer data between them all from the authoring methods and APIs of these applications, according to the initiative's website.

From now on, Apple create systems that will make it easier to add / remove data from iCloud, similar to Google Takeout and Facebook's tool for exporting your social network data, which downloads your information to your device.

To date, GitHub platform and open source community contributors have inserted more than 42,000 lines of codes and migrated over 1,500 files. Eventually the Data Transfer Project It hopes that data can be transferred directly from one service to another without having to download the data first.