Apple joins group of companies as last attempt to acquire Toshiba chip division

Apple joins group of companies as last attempt to acquire Toshiba chip division

You may not remember, considering it has been almost three months since the last (and only) time we talked about this possibility, and since then, the operation has been proceeding without causing the fact that the Toshiba is selling its chip maker division and the Apple You're interested in her.

In June we reported that Apple initially offered the Japanese giant $ 27 billion for the business, but with the entry of Foxconn Also interested in the move, long-time partners would have teamed up to acquire the Toshiba division together, possibly competing with Amazon.

Now the whole thing has changed completely: according to Reuters, the deal with Foxconn did not go forward and the latest offer from Western digital, which offered $ 17.4 billion for the deal is weakened by the fact that the company is suing Toshiba just for the decision to sell the division. WD, which is Japan's partner, says the sale violates an agreement between the two companies and seeks to comply with a clause that would theoretically oblige Toshiba to sell the division necessarily to it.

With the prospect of this dispute totally undefined, Apple is back in play, but with a totally different group. The investment firm Bain & Company is captaining a group that includes Ma and other companies like South Korea SK Hynix, which is trying to make a final push to secure Toshiba's chip division by offering $ 18.2 billion in Japan.

The agreement proposed by the group includes a clause in which Toshiba itself would own part of the division, which would resolve the deadlock with WD. Within the amount offered by companies, Apple seems to be willing to pay more than 20% of the value and therefore, if the deal goes through, owning this percentage of the business and potentially significantly expanding the production of memory modules to their iGadgets.

Apple has not commented on the news yet, but we will be aware of any developments that may arise.

via 9to5Mac