Apple joins business community focused on improving cloud services

Despite the size and importance of iCloud, Apple is not among the most remembered technology giants when it comes to the cloud Google, Amazon and Microsoft are much more associated with this type of service than Apple. This, however, did not stop the Cupertino giant from joining Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a foundation formed by area companies dedicated to working together on open source technologies for cloud services and enhancing their platforms.

Apple joins the foundation as a “Platinum” member, the highest in the CNCF hierarchy, allowing the company to have a seat on the board of directors of the organization that will be specifically occupied by Cupertino senior engineering manager Tom Doron.

This will allow Ma to give their opinion and vote on future CNFC projects, possibly advocating directions that benefit their own projects in the cloud world.

According to CNCF, Ma has been a “pioneer” in the development of cloud technologies, and has contributed to various projects being run by the organization, including the Kubernetes automation tool, Prometheus monitoring software, and the database. Vitess

CNCF CTO Chris Aniszczyk called Apple's entry into the foundation "encouraging":

Having a company with Apple's experience and magnitude as a member is a huge demonstration of the vitality of native cloud computing as the future of application and infrastructure development. We are excited to receive support from Apple, and we can't wait for future contributions to the larger cloud community project.

Other technology companies that are part of CNFC include Salesforce, Reddit, Spotify, Twitter, and Zendesk; companies in other areas include the New York Times, Adidas, Walmart, Bloomberg and even Grupo Globo.

via MacRumors