Apple is the target of class action in Canada on iPhone batteries

Apple is the target of class action in Canada on iPhone batteries

THE Quebec Superior Court, Canada, gave the green light to a number of Apple customers to sue the company, claiming that iPhones batteries and other products “are not durable in the long term”.

The lawsuit also includes owners of iPods, iPads, Apple Watches and MacBooks who purchased their devices from the end of 2014, as well as customers who purchased the AppleCare + from December 2015, as informed by the Montreal Gazette.

In the latter case, the class action suggests that consumers who have paid for Apple’s extended warranty have not been properly informed about the plan’s coverage under the guidelines of the Quebec Consumer Protection Act.

As we said, the Quebec court released class action after inferring that Apple “does not provide products that last for a reasonable period of time” – however, it is not clear how long it would be “reasonable” for them, after all we are talking about gadgets up to five years old.

Canadian law firms Renno Vathilakis and LPC Advocat are leading the charge. In this case, both class actions demand compensatory and punitive damages for affected consumers.

It is worth recalling that, in 2018, Apple spearheaded an extensive program to replace iPhones batteries around the world, replacing 11 million components during the year.

via Patently Apple

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