Apple is the company that most cares about the use of toxic chemicals

Apple is the company that most cares about the use of toxic chemicals

That Apple is concerned with the sustainability of its products and its activities, not a novelty. But, in addition to operating with 100% renewable energy and worrying about fusing the aluminum in a more sustainable way, Ma is still safe in its products, ranking first in the campaign ranking Mind the Store, which analyzes the correct use of chemicals by the largest companies in the world.

This is the third year that Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families has conducted the survey and, with respect to last year's result, Apple has raised its grade from A to A +, scoring 106 points out of 135 fired in first place among the 40 companies analyzed, as Amazon, Walmart, McDonalds and Metro.

Ranking of use of toxic productsIn addition to Apple, three other companies (Target, Walmart and IKEA) scored grade A.

The campaign coalition praised Apple's work in managing and updating its list of regulated substances (Regulated Substances Specification, or RSS), in addition to its efforts “to analyze each component of the products it sells”, reviewing more than 25 thousand of the 50 thousand components it uses in its products and packaging.

Since 2003, Apple has been working to reduce or eliminate chemicals of concern from its products, such as lead, arsenic, bromine and phthalates. In 2015, the company also eliminated the beryllium of several components, reporting that it reached 100% compliance with RSS in all production processes at the final assembly sites.

As we said, the Cupertino giant's concern for the environment is constant; therefore, like its products, Ma also strives to make its packaging more sustainable, according to a company report released last year.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families recommended that all retailers adopt safer policies for the use of chemicals and disclose all components included in their products and packaging not only for the safety of end users, who purchase and use such products, but also to lessen the impact of these materials on the environment.

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