Apple is the brand with the greatest impact on users

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A survey carried out by the publication online BrandChannel gives Apple the title of company with the greatest impact on consumers. The American company was at the top of the table surpassing the results of the well-known Nike, Coca-Cola, Google and Starbucks.

About 2,000 professionals and students from 107 countries participated in the survey, with the bulk of the votes going to Apple ¬ęin most categories of the study,¬Ľ the publication‚Äôs director, Jim Thompson, told Reuters.

On the other hand, the same survey indicates that both Microsoft and the United States brand are the ones that most need an image change and Bill Gates’ company is still one of those that arouse the greatest desire to start a discussion.

Finally, the study also indicates that Apple is the company that has the most capacity to reinvent itself and that with which it is ¬ęimpossible¬Ľ for users to get bored.

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