Apple is testing Chinese BOE OLED screens for 2020 iPhones

Apple is testing Chinese BOE OLED screens for 2020 iPhones

Although Apple is very strict in selecting partners, relying on one or two companies to provide a single piece is very damaging. So the more suppliers the better!

Following this logic, the Nikkei Asian Review said Apple is "aggressively testing" screens OLED manufactured by BOE, a Chinese company. The idea, in addition to reducing dependence on Samsung (the main supplier of the component), cut costs.

The BOE, of course, isn't either. It is the largest manufacturer of liquid crystal displays and already provides LCDs for iPads and MacBooks. However, as the market is turning to OLED technology (such a market worth more than $ 30 billion by 2019), China is also eyeing it.

According to the report, Apple is testing flexible OLED displays from BOE's Chengdu facility in Sichuan Province, the first factory in China to produce such screens. BOE is also building another facility in Sichuan Province, which will be used by Apple if they actually close the deal.

So far, LG was the only supplier to the technology that Apple was considering using in future iPhones after all, it already provides OLED displays for Apple Watch. Still, the company will only order LG components if it can meet Ma's quality standards earlier this year, LG has temporarily suspended one of its OLED display production lines due to manufacturing challenges.

Regarding BOE, it seems that Apple will decide whether or not it can be its supplier by the end of this year.

What to expect from 2020 iPhones?

Rumors only say that Apple will use a ProMotion display with refresh rates of up to 120Hz on the 2020 iPhones. In addition, it may use a smaller TrueDepth camera, allowing it to slow down. notch, and a seven piece lens system for the rear camera.

via MacRumors, AppleInsider