Apple is swapping the revolver emoji for a water gun on iOS 10 - and a lot of people are complaining

Apple is swapping the revolver emoji for a water gun on iOS 10 – and a lot of people are complaining

If you are using the fourth beta of iOS 10, you may have noticed, among a series of changes in your iGadget, a novelty in particular: the disappearance of the traditional revolver emoji, replaced by the figure of a harmless water gun green.

Revolver and water gun emojis

The novelty, along with a series of other new emojis motivated by peace and inclusion as a rainbow flag representative of the LGBT + movement, new gender options and family configurations, comes at a delicate moment in the history of the United States: with a In the series of attacks, cases of police brutality and mass murder in recent times, the debate over arms control has rekindled with full force.

Therefore, it should not be long before someone has a negative opinion on the end of the revolver emoji. And he didn't give another. The Second Amendment Foundation, an American arms activist group, has declared that Apple's decision "is a combination of childishness and anti-gun demagogy." The foundation's executive vice president, Alan M. Gottlieb, released a statement strongly criticizing the attitude:

This does not simply border on the absurd, but it completely crosses the barrier. the kind of intolerance you get when you leave the lobby of the weapons ban to instill demonization and hate.

Conservative broadcaster Dana Loesch also expressed her discontent with replacing the emoji on Twitter:

I am very happy that they did this and now the crimes are over.

Despite the criticisms, there is nothing to suggest that Apple will go back on its decision which, incidentally, should be followed by the other big companies very soon. Let us remember that Google is another great advocate of progressive / pacifist agendas. Additionally, a proposed rifle emoji was vetoed by the sticker development agency earlier this year. In other words, weapons will disappear if not in real life, at least from the screens of electronic devices.

And if anyone is interested in my two cents about the discussion, nothing here is about deciding whether to control arms effectively or not. What the tweet de Loesch naively disregards the onslaught, here, against a culture / glorification of weapons that is harmful. The exclusion of the revolver emoji, in fact, may not be a major factor in reducing accidents and crimes with firearms, but at least a small step towards defetichization something that countries like the USA (and also Brazil, on a smaller scale) need.

(via Apple World Today)