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Apple is sued for iPhones batteries and patent infringement

One more day, one more process or rather two, motivated by quite different issues. Let's go for a spin on Apple's latest legal affixes?

IPhones Batteries

For: Even almost two years after the scandal, the related processes of iPhones batteries keep popping up. This time, the class action was filed by 18 individuals in a Northern California Federal Court in the United States.

The complainants maintain the same basis for argument as other similar actions, claiming that Apple has deliberately and deliberately slowed down its iPhones in order to leverage the effect of programmed obsolescence and maximize profits. The action further says that the policy represents "one of the biggest consumer frauds ever made, affecting hundreds of millions of mobile devices around the planet."

A total of 61 such cases currently run through US courts and they have even been grouped into a single set of actions that will eventually be tried together. The case group, however, is still trapped in lower spheres of American justice, and it is not known whether the action described above joins the others. Apple, as usual, did not comment on the case.

Patent Infringement

The other process related, guess what, to a supposed patent infringement. This time, the action comes from Sentius International, a developer who already wrote apps for Macs in the 1990s and also for the ill-fated Newton personal computer. The information is from AppleInsider.

The process revolves around the spell checkers present today on Macs and other Apple devices. Basically, Sentius claims that the good old “zigzag” red line, used to indicate misspelled terms, infringes company patents, and the technology used to recognize words spelled correctly originally by developers.

Sentius officials list a number of Apple products and software in the process, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as well as Mail, iMessage, Notes, Text Editor, and Safari. Interestingly, only Apple products or those linked to the Ma ecosystem are cited; Microsoft services, which also adopt the red line of correction, were left out.

According to the complainants, Apple had been aware of the infringement since 2015, when Sentius sent a letter Ma outlining the situation; Still, the Cupertino giant ignored the appeals and allegedly continued to disregard the patents.

The action is being filed at the Delaware District Court in the USA, and there is no information on when it will be considered by the jury. Apple once again did not comment on the case.

Image: Parilov / Shutterstock | via iMore