Apple is sued for alleged patent infringement with Apple Pay

Not even on the eternal Sunday between Christmas and New Year, does Apple's legal department rest. The latest paperwork to land on Ma's attorney's desk concerns a new lawsuit this time from a Texas company called Fintiv that claims to have patents disrespected by the company with the Apple pay, as reported to Bloomberg.

Fintiv claims to have a patent, acquired from a group of Korean inventors, which describes storing and using data from a “digital wallet” on a mobile device, taking into account aspects such as billing addresses or online purchases. That is basically a part of how Apple Pay works.

The Texan company describes itself as a company with more than “20 years of experience”, although it was founded in 2018; It employs between 11 and 50 employees and is active in mobile payments and marketing, but does not appear to have any products or services registered, offered or sold. That is basically we are dealing with one more Patent troll a company that exists and profits by basically suing other patent-based companies it may have.

According to Fintiv, its patent has been infringed on a number of Apple products, including iPhones, Apple Watches and the Wallet app. The case will be tried by the West Texas District Court and the initial results are expected to be released shortly.

via Apple World Today