Apple is still the biggest seller of “PCs” in the world, but the market is declining rapidly

Nothing new under the sun since 2012, but it is still worth reinforcing: the Apple remains the largest seller of personal computers in the world.

Canalys analysis of the PC market

The latest PC market statistics for the first quarter of 2016 come from independent analyst firm Canalys, which shows a leadership but stormy scenario for Apple and discouraging for manufacturers as a whole: Apple dispatched 14 million units in the period, representing a 14% market share – which, in total, sold 101 million machines. Following Apple’s lead come, in order, Lenovo, HP, Dell and Samsung.

The dark note is that this number of total sales represents a 13% drop in a year-over-year analysis, making sales the lowest since the summer of 2011. Apple, in turn, fell 17% year on year, down more than the industry.

It is worth noting that Canalys’ analysis includes any computing machines as “PCs”, including desktops, notebooks, hybrids and even tablets – tablets, by the way, which are the biggest culprits for the overall drop in sales in the sector, with their numbers dropping 15% over last year. Another factor responsible for the decrease comes from China, which is buying less of everything, be it PCs, smartphones or anything else.

Finally, as a final dose of concentrated pessimism, Canalys notes that consumer interest in buying a new PC has never been lower, and that the trend for the rest of 2016 is that the numbers will drop further.

Are we talking, therefore, about an endangered market or just in need of news? Let’s wait for the scenes in the next chapters …

[via Cult of Mac]