Apple is "slowing down" in the recruitment field; company hires Box executive

Apple is "slowing down" in the recruitment field; company hires Box executive

Apparently, not everything is just flowers in the sunny fields of Cupertino. A source close to the situation linked to the VentureBeat revealed that Apple is ending all temporary recruiter contracts, in addition to firing some of its full-time recruiters. According to the website, more than 100 people are expected to be negatively affected by this movement.

In practice, what this means is that Ma is reducing its hiring efforts. There are no vacancies available for recruiters at the moment on the Apple jobs page, and it is also reported that even the incentive bonus for recruiters has decreased: before it was around 40% of the salary of the new hire, now it is in the range of 10 -15% may be reduced to zero in the near future.

The austerity news at Apple is not unfounded: today the first revenue drop in more than a decade at Ma was announced as Tim Cook himself warned investors in January.

Karen Appleton (ex-Box and now Apple)

On the other hand, maybe things are not so cloudy. Sources informed the Re / code what Karen Appleton, Box executive responsible for the most corporate part of the service, Apple's newest contractor. Appleton was only the eighth person to join Box after his founding in 2007, and soon became the company's senior vice president for industries.

Although it is still unclear what her role will be within Ma, it is speculated that her hiring is a measure on the part of Apple to pay more attention to the corporate market, traditionally an area that is relegated to the background in the company's priorities. The partnership with IBM and other contracts, such as that of HP's John Solomon, are other indications of Cupertino's grandest new plans for business.

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