US court now allows Apple to be sued for monopolizing the iOS app industry

Apple is producing an original series on applications

This week Apple announced that it is working, alongside big names like, Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, to produce a series that will highlight the application economy.

The series will be produced by Apple, very similar to what we are seeing with Netflix. Still, this series about apps may sound more like a marketing campaign than a big series like the ones we're used to seeing around.

Who here remembers the video “App-centric”, presented at WWDC 2015 and which addresses the fascinating world of applications?

Although this is Apple's first production, within the musical theme she has already been directly involved in the production of documentaries about famous artists, such as Taylor Swift's tour and the broadcast of a live show by the band The 1975 on the radio Beats 1. The company is still working on a television series called “Vital Signs”, in which the star will be the co-founder of Beats and executive of Ma, Dr. Dre in order to promote Apple Music. The idea of ​​creating a series about apps came after the famous producer Ben Silverman, responsible for the series “Marco Polo”, “Flaked” and “Jane the Virgin”, took the suggestion Apple.

Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services for Apple) has worked alongside Silverman ten years ago, when he was the executive producer of “The Office”, which was made available on the iTunes Store.

“One of the coolest things about the App Store is the great ideas that people had to build and create things. This does not mean that we are going to produce a huge amount of films, series or anything like that, ”said Cue in an interview with The New York Times adding that the company will continue to explore projects similar to the series of apps and others linked to the musical world.

In the past, rumors indicated that Apple was exploring the creation of an official programming with streaming videos for Apple TV in parallel with conversations with other companies in the industry about a video service streaming of videos.

More details about the series (such as launch date, investment, name, episode numbers) are scarce, but Cue said the series will be available on all Apple devices. Taking into account that it will be something focused on the app store, it could be made available through an app or made available as a standard TV show on the iTunes Store itself.

We still don't know if will participate as an actor or behind the scenes it is not yet clear how the series works or how Apple portrays its own app store. But at least we already know that the company is really working on it. We just have to wait anxiously to see what comes next.

(via 9to5Mac)