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Apple is planning a new server farm in North Carolina

Xserve Server RackUS state officials in North Carolina are considering granting a multi-million dollar tax rebate to Apple, in the hope that it plans to build a server farm (cluster) in the east of the state. According to the expected amount to be invested, the initial tax rebate can reach US $ 46 million.

Apple intends to invest US $ 1 billion in the construction of the new unit in the next nine years, and the tax rebate would be offset by the huge amount of jobs that such a project can generate. If he remains active for the next 30 years, more than $ 300 million will be taxed quite a lot, even for a company with so much cash.

Apple's need to build a new server farm is justified by the increased volume of data the company generates with the iTunes Store and MobileMe, which have won thousands of users in the past few months and require 100% quality in their operation. For the future, Apple should have an even more flexible infrastructure to handle its notification service push for application developers and users of iPhones / iPods touch.