Apple is once again accused of "piracy"; former Genius sues company

Apple is once again accused of "piracy"; former Genius sues company

In today's "one more day, one more process" episode, we will see that the Cupertino giant was the target of the third charge of piracy involving the Apple music (only) this year. In addition, a former Ma PcD employee filed a lawsuit against the company for lack of accessibility in your facilities.

New Piracy Charge

A music licensing company is suing Apple for allegedly violating copyright laws by playing them on its music platform. streaming without proper license. This is the third case of its kind in the year, the first recorded last May and the second in September.

THE Pro Music Rights (PMR), a copyright organization, claims that Apple has broadcast and continues to broadcast copyrighted music without obtaining a license for them or entering into a contract for payment of royalties reproductions, as reported by the AppleInsider.

Under the lawsuit, PMR sent an Apple letter in June 2018 demanding that the company acquire such licenses; The company only replied that it had already submitted "a notice of intention to obtain a license".

With an estimated 7.4% market share, PMR has the right to license around 2 million (!) Works by renowned artists, including A $ AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell, Young Jeezy, Juelz Santana, Lil Yachty, Soulja Boy, Nipsey Hussle, 2 Chainz, Migos, Gucci Mane, Fall Out Boy, among others.

PMR filed a similar action against Spotify, in which it demanded a $ 1 billion payment for more than $ 500 million. streams "Illegal". In the lawsuit against Apple, PMR seeks all proceeds associated with reproductions of violated works and payment of $ 150,000 for each infringement act.

Process involving accessibility

Robert Shaw

A former Genius who uses a wheelchair is also suing the company after alleging that the company has broken several laws under the Canadian Provincial Human Rights Code of Ontario by failing to adequately address his needs, which has resulted in his constructive dismissal. The information is from Narcity.

Robert Shaw It claims in a statement that Apple has repeatedly refused to accommodate him in a type of store tailored for him, and instead has chosen to create "palliative measures" for the situation. Shaw's lawyer, Andrew Monkhouse, said the Apple is guilty of discrimination and for not meeting its own accessibility standards.

On the company's website, Apple proudly displays its work on accessibility technology. Apple also used its accessibility work in its marketing materials. The company has received awards and a lot of media for its efforts in accessibility technology. However, these accusations seem to indicate that the company does not seem to be practicing what it preaches in its own retail stores.

More precisely, Shaw complains that Apple has failed to provide an appropriate working desk for wheelchair users and to make appropriate in-store adjustments, and this goes beyond that process, since the lack of accessibility affects all of the company's wheelchair customers, of course.

Apple did not comment on the case; Other details of the action were also not informed.

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