Apple is offering gift cards of varying values ‚Äč‚Äčon its Black Friday

Apple is offering gift cards of varying values ‚Äč‚Äčon its Black Friday

A few days ago, Apple surprised by announcing his return sexta-feira Negra after having skipped the last two years although unfortunately Brazil has been left out, this time. What we didn't know was how the event would take place.

During the night, the sexta-feira Negra it was aired on Apple's American website and it follows the same pattern that it had already painted hours before (due to the time zone) in Australia and other countries. This time, Apple is simply offering gift cards of varying amounts (reaching up to US $ 150 in the USA) for its customers, that is, the products themselves do not have a discount.

Not only that, but it has somewhat limited the products that entered the promotion. In the case of iPhones, consumers get Gift Cards up to $ 50 buying a model SIM-free SE, 6s or 6s Plus; iPads reach US $ 100, on Pro, Air 2 or mini 4 models; Apple Watches s include Series 1 models, with cards up to $ 25; the Mac line reaches the maximum US $ 150, but obviously does not include MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar; and the purchase of an Apple TV entitles you to Gift Card of $ 25.

This may explain a little about why Brazil was left out. First, Apple would have to bring these gift cards here, which is not at all difficult (especially in reais, for physical product purchases), but the fact is that they don't exist today. Then there is also the fact that the dollar has skyrocketed somewhat in the past few weeks after the election of Donald Trump in the USA. It may be that Apple even had plans to carry out the sexta-feira Negra around here, but this rush may have made the thing unfeasible (as absurd as the prices already seem to be today).

Furthermore, for those who are currently in the USA or in any other country participating in the sexta-feira Negra da Ma, the opportunity is not incredible / sensational, but certainly better than nothing. To all the others, be sure to check out what we are offering in the MM Store. ūüėČ